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Best TV Wall Mount (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide) 2019

Our TVs play an important role in our life. In the same way, TV wall mounts play that role in your TVs life. It makes your TV flexible so that you can enjoy any optimized TV viewing angle. A good TV wall mount ensures the safety of your TV and enhances your viewing experience as well.

Compare The Top Rated TV Wall Mounts

NameBrandWeight CapacityLatest Price
Sanus VMPL3-B Editors ChoiceSanus280 lbs
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VideoSecu MW380B2VideoSecu165 lbs
Check Price
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Mount-It! TV mountMount-It175 lbs
Check Price
In Wall TV MountIn Wall TV Mount135 lbs
Check Price
Cheetah APTMM2BCheetah165 lbs
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Mounting MD2296Mounting Dream100 lbs
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Kanto PDX680Kanto125 lbs
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Loctek L5LLoctek100 lbs
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Now-a-days, TV mounts are constructed with special articulating arm which lets your TV moves up and down. It gives you the flexibility to move in and around the room and get the same picture quality and viewing experience at every angle. So, if you move around a lot a good TV wall mount is a must have for you.

How to choose the Best TV Wall Mount for your home?

Selecting a right TV wall mount means you can use it for years without any botheration. While choosing a right TV wall mount one must look for following points:-

Installation and adjustment: Good TV wall mounts are durable and should be fixed to wall wisely so that they could never fall apart. Installation should be simple and the TV wall mount should consists installing material such as: wall stud finder, screws, anchors, cable management system, bubble level and horizontal sliding bars or a rail design to level TV once it is hung.

Weight Capacity: Try to choose a universal wall mount for your TV. The same size wall mounts are built for different sizes of TVs depending upon their weight holding capacity. While picking up a mount, go for a high quality mount so that it can adjust your bigger and heavier future TVs. In this way, you will be saved from changing the wall mount again and again.

Swivel feature: The most important factor, swivel and articulating are essential even if you think you do not need it. Especially in confined flats or rooms, when you move around a lot to complete your tasks. The greater the articulating angle, greater the viewing experience.

5 Best TV Wall Mount Reviews

This review will present you the best TV wall mount of July 2019. You can check the pro and cons of the all the leading tv wall mounts, which you can buy for personal use.

1) Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount Review

Sanus VMPL3 is the most versatile and one of the best TV wall mount available in the market. This TC mount is very easy to install. It consists both dual-purpose tilting and low-profile wall mount brackets. It can accommodate flat panel plasmas and LCD TVs of size from 27 inches to 84 inches and weight up to 128 kg. TV can be tilted up or down just with the push of a finger. By tilting this TV wall mount, you can achieve a perfect viewing angle by simply reducing glare from lights or windows.

The wall mounts posses’ perfect power-coated black finish which ensures a longer life. It is manufactured from solid heavy-gauze steel features adjustable design. The lateral shift feature of the wall mount allows you to tilt TV at any position of your choice. A custom fit for most, this TV is positioned just 6.35 cm from the wall with tilting brackets and 3.18 cm with low-profile brackets so you can achieve a flush and clean appearance.

The hi-tech and sleek looks of the wall mount are supported with a durable life. The hands free leveling of the mount can be achieved by placing the triangular hole of the wall plate over a nail. It can be slid right or left for perfect placement even with off-centre studs. The black color of the stand simply compliments your décor. The wall mount comes with a limited warranty of 5 years and mounting brackets of the stand are universal.


  • This TV wall mount is best known for its quality and safety features.
  • It fits with almost every size and model of your TV.
  • The low price of this wall mounted is guaranteed.
  • The mounting options and configurations are very flexible.
  • One stand can support almost all sizes and even huge weights.


  • While installing it, do keep extra screws with yourself because this mall mount is always short of batteries.

2) VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion TV Wall Mount Review

One of the best full motion TV wall mount which is articulating as well is designed especially for mid to large size Plasma flat panel, LED, LCD and display. The wall mount is constructed with high gauge steel so it can handle around 165 lbs easily. It can accommodate sizes up to 32-80 inches. The articulating arms of wall mount can fit 37” 40” 42” 46” 47” 50” 60” 62” 63” 65 inch tv, 70” display. The mounting hole of this articulating TV wall mount is compatible from 200×200 300×300 300×200 400×200 400×300 400×400 600×400 and 684×300 mm. This mount fits the above given sizes of TVs which are manufactured in last 3 years.

The tilt of the wall mount can be adjusted up to +15/ -5 degrees and it can be swiveled side-to-side for comfortable viewing angle. The arm of the wall mount can be folded from 3 to 25 inches and TV can be adjusted perfectly after its installation.

The designing of both side mounting brackets follow lock and release safety system. Wires of the TV and cable network can be managed on the arm of the wall mount. It conceals all the wires and prevents them from pinching. The wall mount allows 15 degree forward and backward tilt, 180 degree of swivel and 360 degree of rotation. The viewing angle can be extended up to 20 inches and TV placement adjustment. This VESA plate is removable and can be taken off so that it can be easy installed.


  • The quality of mount is very good.
  • The mount is lockable with 5 mm holes and it fits just right.
  • The long arms of this wall mount enable TV viewing from any angle.
  • 10 ft HDMI cable is included with this wall mount.


  • The TV may slide in the horizontal bars each time you move it.

3) ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Review

A real mover, not a shaker. The best TV wall mount has a smooth swiveling capability featuring up to 150 degrees. This TV wall mount is certified and tested to carry weight up to 132 lbs and display of size 37 to 70 inches. Rest your product on the arm of this wall mount and relax for lie time. It can hold 4 times of weight easily and this is properly verified and certified. That means the strong arms of the ECHOGEAR can manage heavy-weight lifting.

This ECHOGEAR full motion TV is very easy to mount. It hardly takes 30 minutes to mount this 16 inch stud. The TV mount comes with an impressive 5-year warranty. It provides smart smooth moves by pulling out to 16 inches and back in to 2.6 inches from the wall. If you are bugged by the window glare or lights, there is good news for you. The wall mount can be tilted up to 15 degrees and it makes adjustment very easy. You do not need any fuss; just a little push from your finger will solve your purpose.

The beautiful orange color of ECHOGEAR adds a vibrant color to your room. Constructed from 100% high grade steel; it includes 3 hook and loop ties for the management of cables. The design and construction of this TV wall mount is amazing. You can extend it anyway and it facilitates the plugging of all wires.


  • Installation of this TV wall mount is very easy and it takes less than 30 minutes. One does not need to change wall mount with the change of LCD, LED or Plasma display.
  • The articulation of this well-built and sturdy wall mount is great.
  • It allows you to adjust the display to match your desired viewing angle.


  • The upward tilt angle of this wall mount is too small.

4) Mount-It! Tilting TV Wall Mount Review

Mount-It! TV wall Mount is a special heavy-duty wall mount which is virtually designed to fit all flat-panel TVs from 42” to 70”. In some models 80” may also fit. This tilting TV Wall Mount is compatible to VESA 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×200, 600×300, 600×400, 700×400, 700×450, 800×450 and 850×450. The TV easily fits with installation holes up to 34 inches apart horizontally and 17.7 inches apart vertically. This feature makes it the best TV wall mount.

This heavy-duty weight lifter is quite trustworthy. Its weight carrying capacity is 220 lbs. The bracket of this wall mount is constructed from 2mm thick reinforced steel and it is one the strongest bracket wall mount available.
This wall-mount can be tilt simply with a hand move without any tools or accessories. The tilt is continuously innovative and removes light or window glares in fraction of seconds. The back plate of this wall mount features numerous heavy gauge cold rolled steel. As already mentioned the bracket of wall mount is very strong and allows mounts over plug sockets and Ariel plates.

The difference between wall and back of wall mount is approximately 3.14 inches. The 34 inches wall plate support block wall installation or installation on either 8 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches or 24 inches wall studs. It can be tilted up to 15 degrees with a low profile of 3 inches.

The hardware kit of the wall mount is included with the TV set. It also includes an integrated bubble level for the alignment and installation of TV wall mount. It is very simple to install. The viewing angles of this wall mount are optimized comfortably and it creates an ergonomic environment.


  • The bubble level provides an exact alignment and makes the process of installing it easier.
  • You can conceal your wires effectively with this wall mount.


  • It can be only mounted on concrete and brick walls.
  • This wall mount is overpriced.

5) In Wall TV Mount, Recessed Articulating In Wall TV Mount Review

The best full motion TV wall mount, in wall TV Mount allows zero clearance behind your TV by being completely recessed. With normal TV mounts, TVs are generally 4 inches away from the wall and wall mounts are completely noticeable from a side view. With this in-wall TV wall mount, your TV will look like no less than an artwork as if it is floating in the air.

This wall mount enables you to stretch TV around 19 inches away from the wall. That means you can slide 42 inch plasma sideways, in a 90 degree turn without even hitting the wall. In the same way, a 55-inch TV can be swiveled 75 degrees without hitting the wall. Because the wall mount is fully recessed, you get lots of space to conceal your wires and cables. There is a special cable management system to hold and look for the wires.

It can easily carry a weight up to 135 pounds. Though it is proven that weight up to 540 pounds is safer for this wall mount but it is better to stick to 135 pounds. The in-wall box is of size 14.5 inches wide x 13 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep. The TV is mounted on two 16 inches studs on center wood. This TV wall mount is unique and gives your home a different classy look. Made of heavy gauge and steel, it is very easy to tilt at an angle of 15 degrees. It easily mounts to flat or curved TVs. This in-wall TV mount supports VESA sizes: 100×100, 100×200, 200×100, 200×200, 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300 and 400×400.


  • It hides all the wires and cables in the best way.
  • It adds best articulation or swivel to your TV.
  • Easily extendable.
  • This best TV wall mount gives your home a modern and mysterious look.


  • It is not that easy to install.


We hope this review will prove you helpful to choose TV wall mount best buy. It is needful to look for following features:

  1. VESA compatibility.
  2. Maximum weight it can carry.
  3. Swivel and tilt angles.
  4. Installing procedure.