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Best Rowing Machine Reviews (TOP 10) 2019

In today’s world, getting time to exercise is quiet tough, and losing weight is not so easy. You have to exercise for longer time and make good efforts with proper diet control. For better exercise, you need proper fitness equipments which give you proper workout, and move all your muscles. Rowing machine is kind of fitness equipment which gives you more calories burned in few minutes of workout and allows  you to do low intensity workout with more benefit. There are different types of rowing machine available but choosing best rowing machine is quite important.

Price range, features, specification, types and many more things you need to consider while choosing the rowing machine. People who are targeting weight loss can get maximum benefits with rowing machine, as it moves your upper and lower body and allows you to try different resistance as well. Below is list of top rowing machines which are having good, low price, high features and long durability.

Compare Best Rowing Machines

Product NameCapacityRower TypeLatest Price
WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine1000 lbsWater Resistance
Check Price
Concept 2 Model D Rower Machine500 lbsAir Resistance
Check Price
Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine777 lbsWater Resistance
Check Price
Concept 2 Model E Rower Machine500 lbsAir Resistance
Check Price
Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine600 lbsMagnetic Resistance
Check Price
Xebex Air Rower Conditioning Pack500 lbsAir Resistance
Check Price
Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower 275 lbsMagnetic Resistance
Check Price
Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower 275 lbsMagnetic Resistance
Check Price
Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine285 lbsMagnetic Resistance
Check Price
Stamina X Air Rower Machine250 lbsAir Resistance
Check Price

Apart from weight loss, if you are targeting to build muscles, that can also be achieved very well with using rowing machine daily for 30-60 minutes. The biggest benefit of using rowing machine is that you can use it in home, outdoor and anywhere you get enough space. It allows you to properly use the equipment and give you maximum benefit. But a good brand and quality rowing machine are costly and the reason people prefer other equipments than a row machine. But here we bring you some amazing benefits of using rowing machines daily, do check out.

Benefits of Using Rowing Machine Daily

No doubt row machine consumes lots of space and it is only recommended if you have enough space. But if you neglect this point, there is so many benefit of using rowing machine that you would like to neglect space issue.

Weight loss

if you want to reduce your weight and want better shape of your body, you should try rowing machine. Many people prefer treadmill and spine bikes over rowing machine, but let me tell the fact. While using row machine your upper and lower body both moves in motion and force to lose more calories with low effort. As per one study, person using top spine bikes for 30 mins at 12 miles of speed can lose up to 200 calories while you can lose 250 calories with rowing machine. The choice is yours.

Low intensity, high impact

As said above, rowing machine offers you low intensity exercise, buy allows you to use both upper and lower body parts. Like elliptical machine, it moves all your body. But it provides after burn effect as well, under which you burn more calories even while not rowing.

For example, if you use treadmill for 30 mins, you can lose 250 calories and using rowing machine for 30 mins can also burn 250 calories. But while row machine, you use all body muscles to row and the reason, even after using it for 30 mins, for next few mins you will keep losing more calories. This happens due to EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), which is scientifically proven. So, you get benefit of losing more calories even after done with your workout.

High intensity interval training

You can do HIIT training with help of a row machine. There are many HIIT sprints available which help you to get EPOC state and lose more calories. In this type of exercise, you need to do more intensity exercise with low interval time to burn more calories. If you are aiming for any sports competition, you might help the most.

You can change the resistance level with increasing the speed of rowing and get overall fitness in just 20 minutes of workout. There are many HIIT sprints available on internet which has average time of 26 minutes workouts. HIIT workout and after burn effect totally depends on how the sequence of stroke as those sprints covers leg, arms, core and other muscles.

Things to consider while buying new rowing machine

There are many rowing machines available, from $1500 to $250 price and in many types. Its quite tough to chose the best rowing machine, so here is our guide which will help you to select best one. Below we have mentioned some of the points which you might like to consider to get perfect rowing machine.

Adjust-ability: – The rowing machine should provide smooth and easy operation with adjustability of seat. You must also get adjustment of foot pads to use it comfortably.

Work space: – As mentioned earlier, you must have enough space to use rowing machine as these machines are big in length. You must check the room/area size where you planning to use this machine.

Noise: – No doubt some rowing machine makes noise (water resistance/ air resistance) and it is appreciated by many people. But too noisy machines can spoil your workout session.

Capacity: – This is most important factor to consider, as the bar which allows user to seat on rowing machine should have good capacity. Average capacity should be 300 lbs, which is preferable. So, all family members can use this machine.

Monitor: – every rowing machine has placed a monitor or computer which allows you to show your total workout statistics. You can check total calories burned, total time you spent and many other things.

Foldable: – As you know, the rowing machine are bigger in length, they must have option to fold. So, when you are not using it, you can always store it in corner or store room.

Warranty: – It’s a big investment and the reason, it’s should be long durable. Also, row machine needs time to time maintenance, for which you need proper warranty.

Type: – There are 4 types of rowing machine available in market and all of them have their own benefit.

  • Water resistance: – it has water tank in front and gives more realistic workout experience. As you pedal, it moves the row in water tank.
  • Air resistance: – An air blower is put on the front of the machine which moves every time you pedal.
  • Magnetic resistance: – if you want less noisy machine, you can go for magnetic resistance, which works on the force of electromagnets.
  • Hydraulic Resistance: – it uses hydraulic cylinders at the handles of the rowing machine, which increase the resistance but it’s not realistic, you don’t get proper feeling.

These are the points you need to consider while buying new rowing machine. Now check the reviews of the top rowing machine, which we have selected after much research.

Top 10 Best Rowing Machine Reviews

After 150 hrs of research, we have shortlisted some of the top rowing machine with best features, specification, long durability, popular among the users and low price. Do check out the reviews with pros/cons below;

1) WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review

There is tough fight between water resistance and magnetic resistance rowing machine. Our 1st two entries are respectably claiming the same. But when we tested both rowing machines, we found that water resistance machines are more powerful and gives real time experience. If you are looking for strong workout with real experience of rowing, we urge you to go with WaterRower classic machine, which is water resistance machine. It has water flywheel which works every times you pedal the machine. Its handcrafted machine with wooden, defiantly going to be costly. But just a design wise, else it has all advance technology, advance computer installed with this machine.

Before we proceed to the detail review of the machine, let’s take the look at product dimension; you must ensure that it fits in your room;

  • Length: 82.25 inches
  • Width: 22.25 inches
  • Height: 20 inches

When we have reviewed personally we found some of the important aspects of this machine, like it has solid American walnut wood frame has been used with this machine. And water rower has finished this wooden frame with 3 coating of Danish oil which makes it smooth and easy to use. Also, you don’t need to worry about the frame life, its quite long durable. The water flywheel gives you enough resistance with consistent strokes. Water rower has given ergonomic seat with this machine, which you can adjust as per your convenience. For better balance, you get molded foot rests which gives comfort and stability all together.

The Polycarbonate water tank which is quite transparent gives good view of water moving while you workout. Though, it’s totally quite and noiseless operating machine, which you love to use. Up to 1000 lbs of weight user can also use this machine, which shows how strongly it made and how capable it is. The manufacturers has given a big screen monitor on the right side foot, which displays multiple functions on the screen and viewable from long distance as well.

The monitor has quickstart and quick select option which allows the user to quickly start the workout. This monitor shows stroke rate, distance covered, time spent on machine and heart rate of the user. You can also try sprints with help of interval workout. Under which user will be allowed to have 9 intervals while doing workout and store the 9 workout data with help of auto store. You get access to all the functions with help of soft buttons, workout programs, alarm, statistics and all other data can be accessed using buttons.

Water Rower Classic gives real time experience of using row machine, like you do in river or lake and in more comfortable way. The foot straps are well adjustable to fit any shoes size. Its long durable product, which comes with 5 years warranty on the frame and 3 year warranty on other components. Please note that you need to do maintenance of the machine at the periodic times for more durability.

But this machine is not foldable; you need to use it with as it stands. Either you can stand it in corner or stay lay on the floor. There are some machines available in market which can be foldable from the center which is easy to store. Also, its costly product, under $1500 price range. But if you are looking for long durable product with good workout experience, we strongly recommended to buy this product. It has minimal maintenance, easy to assemble and easy to use. It will defiantly help you to stay fit and burn more calories.


  • Multi function monitor
  • American walnut wood finish with hand finished Danish oil frame
  • 1000 lbs of capacity
  • Minimal maintenance.


  • Costly.
  • Hard to store it.

2) Concept 2 Model D Rower Machine Review

Under $1000 price we found a good rowing machine which has all the features which you look for and comes with air resistance. Concept 2 model D is latest rowing machine with light weight air resistance flywheel. With more flexibility to store and use, this indoor rowing machine surely will attract you. If you want powerful and smooth workout equipment with low price tag, do check out the concept 2 Model D. Its two piece machine, helpful to store with foldable feature, you must look for this feature in rowing machine. It has big monitor, which offers variety of workout programs and much more.

Before we go to the detail review, do check out the height, width and length of this machine;

  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Length: 96 inches (two piece)

It has very solid constructive frame, which ensure you great durability and capacity as well. The very ergonomic design and 14 inch of seat promise to give you great comfort while doing workout. The handle bar is quite good, easy to hold and has good grip. This is surely a home rowing machine but used by Olympics athletics on elite levels to get trained. The every stroke you made will be responded by the equal force by air resistance flywheel. The damper attached with this flywheel, allows you to adjust the air flow and minimize the noise as well.

It has aluminum rail and stainless steel track for rowing, which gives smooth movement and gives good rhythm as well. As mentioned above, it has very good handle, which is quite ergonomic design and equally, you will find flexible footrests with proper foot straps. It ensures you proper focus on workout than balancing your foot. And foot rests has quick release lock, you can quickly start your workout without wasting time in adjusting straps. The strong rail and stainless steel frame can hold 500 lbs of weight, which is good enough.

Concept 2 has placed PM5 monitor with big screen size. It helps you to track our workout session data clearly. You can check heart rate, stroke rate, duration spent on workout, pulse rate, heart rate, calorie burned and distance covered. It has got 8 buttons to operate this monitor and to access different workout programs. One can connect this machine with USB cable through LogCard data.

If you have storage issue with rowing machine, worried for how to store this much big machine, well Concept has taken care of it. Concept 2 Model D comes in two piece machine, which you can fold from the middle (with easy pull pin) and separate both parts for easy storage. Also, this feature gives you proper mobility as well; you can move it easily from place to another. Total weight of this machine is 69 pounds only. You will find very few row machine which offers folding machine.

For long durability, Concept 2 has given 5 years warranty on frame and 2 years warranty on other parts of model D. It’s a great machine with powerful experience and great capacity. You can surely enjoy your workout session with this machine. The monitor is good, gives clear information about your workout session and allows you to download it via USB cable. But you won’t get much real experience like water resistance machine and air resistance flywheel makes good noise.


  • PM5 monitor with great functions.
  • Foldable, easy to store and mobility.
  • Affordable price.
  • 500 lbs of capacity.
  • USB connectivity.


  • Air resistance fly wheel makes good enough noise.
  • Doesn’t give real experience.

3) WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

Another good Rowing machine from water rower with water resistance feature and low price, WaterRower Natural rowing machine is low priced, handcrafted machine with water flywheel. If you found WaterRower “Classic” out of budget and want water resistance machine only, you can go with “Natural” edition, which looks same and give natural feeling of rowing in river. If you are beginner or experienced rower, you will surely like this machine which gives complete noiseless rowing machine. Under $1200 price, this is one of the best rowing machine in 2019. With kind of features and specification it holds, you will surely like to check it out.

It has good monitor/computer, tough frame, high capacity and what not, but before we explain that to you, here is specification of rowing machine of “Natural” from WaterRower;

  • Length: 82.2 inches
  • Width: 22.25 inches
  • Height: 20 inches.

It has 22 inches width of seat (adjustable), which gives proper seating experience, which you are looking for. The legs are also padded with foot straps on foot rests. You don’t need to worry about focus or balancing. You can freely enjoy your workout without much distraction. The handle is also holds good width of 15 inches, and comes with good grip. You can easily hold it for longer time and continue workout without much sweating issue on hand. As mentioned above, WaterRower has used big water flywheel in the front which moves the water every time you pedals. Just like WaterRower Classic, this machine operates in same way.

It has too American ash wood frame which has got good finish of Danish oil with honey oak.  It has ergonomic saddle and polar compatible machine. The monitor given by WaterRower is quite big and has LCD S4 screen. It shows your heart rate, stroke per minute, intensity in microseconds, distance covered, workout session time and total calories burned. It is same LCD screen used in “Classic” model. So, you must be thinking about difference between Classic and Natural model, here it is.

In Classic model of WaterRower, you get 1000 lbs of capacity; mean if you are heavy weight and want to reduce weight, you can easily use that product. And in “Natural” model of waterrower, you get 777 lbs of capacity. The capacity is reduced in “Natural”model with respect to price. Otherwise, it holds all the same benefit and drawback as with “Classic” model.

You get 5 years warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on other parts of the rowing machine of WaterRower. It has same shortcomings like you cannot easily store it, as it’s a big 82 inches long machine and cannot be folded like concept 2 model D. Also, due to that reason, it’s quite difficult to move it from one place to another, though its quite light weight product.


  • Good computer.
  • 777 lbs of capacity.
  • Very low maintenance and high warranty.


  • Costly.
  • Not easy to store and mobility.

4) Concept 2 Model E Rower Machine Review

For indoor rowing and low price tag, Concept 2 has designed one more rowing machine which provides complete body workout in minutes of workout. This is another model of Concept 2, above we have covered and reviewed their model D. Just like model D, this is also air resistance machine, with two part storage facility and easy mobility. Concept 2 has used same monitor/computer, strong frame with heavy capacity and seat adjustment features. Concept 2 has good user feedback and they are in this business since 1976. Do check out the product specification before you buy it.

It is good length machine with proper height; do check out the detail product specification below;

  • Length: 96 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Height: 20 inches

Overall, the weight of product is 65 lbs but due to it comes in 2 parts; you get easily mobility and storage facility. The monorail has 54 inches of length, you can stretch up to good length and has nickel plated steel chain. An Air resistance flywheel is placed on the front (just like Model D), which moves every time you pedal hard. If you have low space issue and want low priced machine, this seems best option. It has solid and sleek design frame, with 24 inches of wide seat, any one (from elder to young) can use it easily.

Not only the width, but height is also 20 inches. And it holds 500 lbs of weight on the frame, which is good enough. All age group of people can use this machine without any issue. The pedals has proper foot rests, and with straps. One can focus on workout without much worry about the balancing. Also, you can adjust your seat, you can comfortably use this product without much issue.

The model E also has used same monitor of model D, PM5 monitor comes with backlight feature which ensures you can read the workout session data from distance. It shows distance, speed, calories burned, watts, stroke rate, heart rate and everything. But with slight difference, this monitor also can be attached with USB flash drive to download workout session data. And can also be connected with Bluetooth. If you have two machine in use, you can do machine to machine racing as well, using wireless connection.

Concept 2 has given 5 years of warranty on frame and 2 years of warranty on other parts, which is quite good for long durability, though it hardly needs any maintenance. It’s easy to assemble, hardly takes 15 minutes to assemble.


  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Affordable
  • Mobility and easy storage
  • PM5 monitor.


  • Not much excitement felt while using it.

5) Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine Review

The award winning rowing machine is here from Lifecore, R100 is magnetic resistance machine which provides more resistance, smooth and easy workout experience. Unlike air and water resistance, it provides multiple resistance level (just like elliptical machine). If you have issue with noise with water and air resistance mode, you can try Lifecore R100 which makes too thin voice, and provides you controlled cardio workout. This machine is ergonomically designed, has good seat, handle, foot rests and monitor as well. Also, it provides good capacity to hold and long durability as well.

Before we go to the detail review, do check out the product specification;

  • Length: 92 inches
  • Height: 36 inches
  • Width: 19 inches

As you can see, it has good length of 92 inches but like air resistance model, you can bend it from the middle and easily store it. It also provides proper mobility features as its light weight and has transport wheels on the bottom. For better resistance, magnetic flywheel has got 16 resistance levels which you can change from the monitor/computer. It has combined air and magnetic resistance flywheel, to achieve noiseless operation, you can use this machine. But while you use at high resistance, it makes bit noise, which expected.

The monitor which is associated with flywheel is quite big, which uses blue and green backlit display. You can read the monitor from long distance easily. it has multiple window, which shows different data about your workout. It shows calories burned, watts, pulse rate, meters rowed, time, number of strokes, strokes per minute, resistance level and user code. It has 16 resistance level adjustments, and 11 pre-installed workout programs. You can easily operate this computer with buttons given below the monitor. It has functionality to store more than one users workout session data.

You gets 5 years warranty on parts, one year of labor and life time warranty on frame. The frame is strong enough to hold up to 600 pounds of weight. It provides proper storage and mobility feature, with great comfort from seat, handle, and foot rest. Its easy to assemble product with long durability. Due to high functionality monitor and long durability (with extra warranty), its bit over priced, but for good quality product, its good.


  • Long durability
  • 16 resistance level
  • Noiseless operation
  • Storage and mobility feature.


  • Bit overpriced
  • Makes noise when used at high resistance.

6) Xebex Air Rower Review

Xebex is good brand which has given many good health/fitness equipments since last 30 years, and this rowing machine is one of the best rowing machine of 2019. It has under$1000 price, and direct in competition with Concept 3 Model D and E. It is air resistance machine and has fan flywheel in front of the machine. It is quite heavy and strong frame product, which has good capacity to hold as well. Big monitor screen, adjustable seat, foot rests and comes with some extra free equipment’s like wall ball, slam ball.

Xebex Air Power row machine is foldable and easy to move machine, do check out its specification below;

  • Length : 96 inches
  • Height : 47 inches
  • Width : 13 inches

It is 110 lbs of super strong frame, which is heavy duty, and gives more stability to user while doing workout. You can use it for home as well as for commercial use as well. Person with weight of 500 lbs can easily use this machine. It has air resistance with damper, which allows you to change the resistance level from 1 to 10. You can easily change the resistance level as per your need (which you don’t get with magnetic resistance). Seat is just 13 inches wider, but has extra cushion for more comfort. The handle and foot rest also has extra padding, which ensures user don’t feel tired with few mins of workout.

It has got big LCD monitor at the top with big buttons to access it. This monitor has big fonts and can be easily readable from distance. You can see your workout data like time, distance covered, watts, calories, heart rate, paddle width (1 touch access) and calories burned. Along with this machine, you get 20 lbs of wall ball, 15 lbs of slam ball, black saver pad, and speed rope. Ultimately, it’s your home gym complete pack (Free offer only with Amazon). If you are looking for quality product under $1000 budget, you must consider this option, as its long durable as well.

If you like to move this 96 inches length of row machine, you can easily move it with fold it in two parts and store it. Same way, assembling this machine is quite easy as well. Its quite long durable product, with 5 years warranty on frame and 2 years on parts, you can claim maintenance in warranty.


  • Long durable product
  • Heavy duty frame
  • 500 lbs of weight capacity
  • Foldable, easy to move and store.


  • No user data store or download facility
  • Seat is aligned at super height.

7) Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower Review

Under $1000 budget, stamina Avari Magnetic rower is good option with moderate capacity and good features. Since its a low budget machine, you need to compromise with monitor, quality of handle, seat, frame and other parts. But if you are beginner and looking for start the exercise, you can try this machine. It has LCD backlit monitor, cardio profiled filled multi function monitor and much more. You can check your heart rate, stroke rate, and other workout session data on the screen with good long durable machine.

Its a good machine with good specification, do check out the specification of the Stamina Avari Programmable Rower;

  • Length: 81 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 24.5 inches

With low price, you can’t expect high quality machine, it has aluminum rowing beat which holds average capacity. It can hold up to 275 lbs of weight on this machine, which is quite low compared to the above listed machines. The seat is having good width of 20 inches and the foot rests are also wide enough to fit any legs. The foot rests has foot straps which holds your legs with the machine and the handle given to this machine is having foam padded which allows user to hold it for long time.

The monitor is not having big screen but good enough to check your workout information.  The LCD screen has 12 workout programs filled with, and easy button access to the functions. It shows, time, distance covered, pulse rate, count, strokes count, calories burned, watts and much more. For heart rate, you need to wear chest strap which monitors your heart rate. But no USB access or cannot allow to download the user data or store it.

It is easy to assemble product, which hardly takes 15-20 minutes to assemble. To move it and store it, you can bend it from the middle and with the help of transport wheels; you can move it around without any issue. Stamina Avari gives 3 years of warranty on frame and 90 days warranty on other parts (which is big disappointment). Since its magnetic rowing machine, it hardly makes any noise.


  • Easy to store and move
  • Low priced, affordable
  • Multi function LCD monitor
  • 12 workout programs.


  • Low quality frame
  • Only holds 275 lbs of weight
  • No manual resistance
  • Small screen monitor, with no download or store user data facility.

8) Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

Another low price rowing machine, under $700 price Velocity exercise machine is quite popular and comes with latest features. It uses DMC system, with electronic tension control. It has easy to read big display, adjustable seats, big foot rests, and big magnetic flywheel which give smooth and comfortable workout everytime. Its noiseless rower machine and low priced as well, perfect for home use. You can easily store it and move it anywhere. It has well enough capacity and electronic resistance levels.

Below we have mentioned its height, width and length specification information, do check out;

  • Length: 80.3 inches
  • Height: 25.2 inches
  • Width: 20.1 inches

It is almost 10 inches shorter in length than usual row machine, and also provides facility to fold. Means you can get perfect storage and mobility features with this machine. Also, Velocity has given 20 inches of wide seat, which is comfortable enough to any user and seat is adjustable as well. To provide you strong resistance, the company has used Drum magnetic System which can be controlled via monitor given on the front. You get better resistance and good support to your workout as well.

The monitor given at the front is small size, but shows good functionality. It shows calories burned, distance covered, heart rate, pulse rate, rowing time, strokes per minute and resistance level. It also has 12 pre-programmed workout programs which allow you to extend your stamina and get fit faster. And for heart rate monitor, you get separate chest strap which you need to wear separately. Apart from that, the main concern of the user that can we fold and transport this machine (as rowing machine comes with good length). But for you, velocity has reduced the size (length) and allows you to easy transport and with folding facility.

It has aluminum frame which is not super strong but can hold up to 275 lbs of weight on it. That’s average capacity you can say, as it’s not less or good. Assembling of this product is quite easy, it hardly takes 20 minutes to assemble it. Velocity has given 5 years warranty on frame, 90 days on monitor and 30 days warranty on all other parts. With compared to its price, its good machine with average features, but was expecting more coverage of warranty.


  • Low priced, affordable
  • Foldable and easy to move
  • 12 workout programs pre-installed.


  • Low capacity
  • Not up to the mark quality of frame
  • Not good grip of handle.

9) Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review

If you want full body workout rowing machine with real experience (just like real rowing), and that too in cheap price, here is kettler’s favorite machine which  has different design and give us feel of real rowing machine. If you can see, it has two handles and no air/water/magnetic resistance, you need to do manual resistance and pull your body weight only. Its good for light weight exercise and just want to be fit. Kettler is popular and exists since 1994 and has produced many good products in fitness category.

This equipment has very low length and easy to store, do check out the specification as given below;

  • Length: 51 inches
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Width: 16 inches.

As mentioned above, it does not have any flywheel, just to pull your body on rowing mode. Seat on the rowing machine seat, hold the handle and park your legs on foot rests. And start pulling the handles and pull your body back. In practical, it looks like same rowing machine (like all other) but it gives more movement to your shoulder, back and hands, which ensure you, lose more calories while rowing the machine. There will be hardly any muscle left unmoved while using this machine.

There is small LCD screen is also given between two footrests, which shows 6 different functions. Functions or say user workout data like energy consumed, strokes, pulse rate, frequency, time and distance covered. The functions can be edited using two buttons given on monitor. The bad thing is its too small screen, but has good big fonts which allows user to read the data from workout.

The carbon steel frame used (which has lifetime warranty), is strong enough to hold 285 lbs of weight. The thick padded seat is of just 9 inches which is not good, we are expecting bigger seat. The manufacture has given two hydraulic pistons which provides resistance (can be adjusted from 1-50 knurl marks). Users need to wear polar T34 chest straps to monitor heart rate which will be connected to device wirelessly.

You cannot bend or separate the monorail, just need to use as it is assembled. It has 3 years warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame.


  • Unique design.
  • Cheap, affordable.
  • 285 lbs of capacity.


  • Not good for professional use.
  • Poor quality frame.
  • Monitor screen is too small.

10) Stamina X Air Rower Review

Stamina X Air rower is our last entry and it totally deserves it. I tell you why, the poor design and errors in this machine is too many. But under $500 price, there are very few choices available in this price category and the reason we have chosen stamina X air rower. Like all other row machine, it has same design, but different flywheel design. Since it is air resistance machine, a fan (flywheel) is placed in the front which acts like table fan (with almost same design). It has transparent grill, and moves the fan every time you pull the handle.

But for home use or weekly use, it can be considered as it has good price tag. Do check out the specification;

  • Length: 78.5 inches
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Width: 18 inches

It is tough and durable product but designed very poorly. It has angled seat rail which can hold up to 250 lbs of weight. The foot rests and padded handle gives good balance and comfort. The molded seat is also given but it is not wide enough. The chain which operates the air flywheel has durable chain, which has good life. The steel frame is strong and constructive. The foldable frame allows you to move this machine and store easily. But even after folding the height of the machine does not reduced, in fact it increases.

There is multi function monitor also given between two foot rests. It is too awkwardly placed that its almost impossible to watch the screen while doing workout, as the handle comes between your monitor and eye contact. But the monitor has good functions with big fonts. It has single button which allows user to change the modes of the machine.  You can track your calories, speed, time, strokes number, stroke per minute, and distance covered.

Since it is air resistance, and bad design, it makes lots of noise, not possible to use in home. And assembling this machine is big task, it’s quite time consuming. But in this price range such features not easily available. Stamina X has given 3 years warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts as well (which is too low).


  • Low priced
  • Big font monitor
  • Long durable, sturdy.


  • Bad design
  • Noisy
  • Time consuming assembling process
  • Short warranty period.


We have listed many high priced yet high performance rowing machine and some under $500 rowing machine as well. We recommended preferring rowing machine above treadmill as it burns more calories compared to any other machine (i.e. treadmill). And price wise, both are having same price. As we discussed, with row machine you get after burn effect (under which you keep burning more calories even after doing workout), which is not possible with treadmills.

After reviewing for almost 100+ hrs we have come to conclusion that both air and water resistance rowing machines are preferable. If you like water resistance, you can go with WaterRower Classic or for air resistance and under $1000 budget, go with Concept 2 Model D. Both are best rowing machine and powerful as well. With concept 2 model D, you get mobility and storage facility feature while you need to compromise that thing with WaterRower Classic.