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Best Massage Chair Reviews (TOP 5) 2019

There’s nothing quite like getting a great massage after a hard day at work, or a tough session at the gym. Unfortunately there’s not always the time in your day to stop off and get that massage you need so, so badly. You do always have the option though of using a massage chair to kill two birds with one stone – you get the massage you want and you don’t have to leave your home to get one. What you might not realize about massage chairs is that they can help with far more than just tired, aching muscles, with many people using them to get relief from digestive problems, headaches and even insomnia.

Inada HCP-10001 Sogno Dreamwave BestMassage EC-06HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580Forever Rest PremiumPanasonic Urban Collection
# of Motors138252
Air bags10030n/a9814
Massage Programs184368
Chair Weight265-pounds300-pounds88-pounds330-pounds144-pounds
Max User WeightNo Limit275-pounds285-pounds320-pounds264-pounds
Warranty3-Year Limited1-Year Limited2-Year Limited10-Year Limited3-year Limited

So to help you pick the best possible massage chair we’ve put together another one of our fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) buyer’s guides for massage chairs, and also provide some massage chair reviews right at the bottom of the article – basically highlighting some of the best models on the market right now.

What Do You Need It To Do?

This is basically down to the intensity of the massage you need and what parts of your body will need the most attention. Some of you will just need a chair that offers a light massage and nothing else, while others will need a heating function to help with muscle damage or stiffness, or maybe you need a massage chair with airbags to help massage your calves and feet for example? As with any big purchase it always pays to be practical when you’re making a shortlist of chairs you might be considering i.e. buy what you need and not what you want.

Does It Fit?

Unless you’re extremely overweight then the weight capacity of their chair shouldn’t matter. If you weigh in excess of 300-pounds you might want to double check the maximum weight your chair can support. It’s also worth remembering that most of these chairs aren’t really adjustable, so if you’re of a shorter stature you’ll need to make sure that the massage chair you have in mind won’t wind up massaging your head instead of your back.

Where Will You Put It?

There are two major considerations when it comes to where you’ll put your massage chair:

  1. How much space it will take up (a lot)
  2. Will it match your current decor scheme?

Most of the high-end massage chairs are quite bulky when they’re upright, and even more so when the recline function is in use. This means you need to carefully measure where you intend putting this chair, allowing for more space than your measurements indicate – this is to allow for any cabling and so that the motors can “breathe”, preventing them from overheating. Ideally your new massage chair would have wheels on it so you could move it to another room whenever you might need to.

Failure Rate

Most massage chairs have multiple motors and a variety of moving parts. The more moving parts any item has the more likely it is to break down, so massage chairs can have a higher failure rate than you might expect. Even the very best manufacturers will acknowledge that their chairs have a failure rate of between 1% and 4%, but some of the cheaper brands have a failure rate running as high as 50%. Do your research in advance to find out how often a given massage chair has been known to fail; saving you from any unnecessary warranty “drama”.


Most massage chairs are covered in either a real or synthetic leather finish, which of these you choose is going to come down to budget and your personal preferences. Some manufactures use naugahyde instead, but this rarely lasts as long as genuine leather.

Body Scanning

This is a pretty recent innovation in massage chair technology and basically allows the chair to “sense” the shape of your spine and to focus on massaging it in the areas which matter most. In advanced models the scanning technology can be as effective as a human masseuse for finding where those sore spots are.

Multiple Types of Massage

The very best massage chairs will provide several different massage modes, ensuring you get the exact type of massage you want. In an ideal world your chair would offer rolling massage, percussive massage, Swedish massage, compression massage and, of course, combination massage, where it combines different styles into one single massage.


Not every warranty is created equal, so make sure you find out exactly what the warranty for your massage chair covers. Ideally your warranty would cover both parts and labor, and not require you to ship the chair to a repair facility on the other side of the country – never make assumptions about what is covered under any warranty.

Features To Look For In Your Massage Chair


This is a must have in any massage chair because to get the most from a massage your body needs to be as relaxed as possible, which is what reclining the chair achieves. A massage chair without a recliner feature is, generally speaking, a waste of your money.


High-quality massage chairs have multiple motors which work independently of each other, providing you with a far more realistic massage experience. Cheaper models tend to have a single motor, which quickly becomes overworked and fails, so the more independent motors your massage chair has the better for you!


Any massage chair should be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time regardless of whether you’re using the massage function or not. If it’s uncomfortable without the motors running it’s going to be a nightmare to get a massage in.

Lower Body Massage

A good massage chair will provide some form of massage function for your legs and even you feet, which are just as important when it comes to massage as any other part of your body. Having your legs massaged is one of the best ways to relieve aching calf or thigh muscles.


These aren’t there in case you manage to crash your massage chair into something else in the room, but instead are used to help squeeze and release certain parts of your body to make the massage feel as authentic as possible. Just be aware that a chair with airbags fitted is going to cost that bit more.

Heat Therapy

Warm muscles are relaxed muscles – just ask any fitness fanatic you know. Heat is also a great way to soothe sore muscles too, so if you lead an active lifestyle then being able to heat your muscles on your massage chair is an added bonus.

Remote Control

The actual style of the remote control might vary; just make sure that your chair comes with one if for no other reason than being able to switch the chair off when you need to. Older chairs use switches to control their functions, whereas newer models have separate control panels instead. Overall we recommend only buying a massage chair with a separate remote control unit and not just a set of switches you have to reach for.

Our Top 5 Massage Chairs

Now that you know what to look for in a massage chair it’s time to review a selection of chairs which you can buy online right now, if you wish.

1) Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review

Before we go any further with this review we’re going to mention that this chair costs at least $8,000, which is actually the discounted price. For that price though you’re getting an incredible massage chair from the team at Inada, which can massage almost every single square inch of your body. The 13 motors in the Inada HCP-10001 a full Shiatsu, neck, shoulder, leg, calf and feet massage and the chair is suitable for anyone from 5-feet to 6.5-feet tall. You are going to have to try very, very hard to find another massage chair which won’t just meet your expectations, like this Inada does, but completely and totally exceed them too.

2) BestMassage EC-06 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

This massage chair uses more than 30 airbags to provide you with an enviable massage experience, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the massage you get from weak to as strong as you could want. The full recline function means that you’ll be in a perfectly relaxed state for when you’re getting a massage using the percussion, compression or chopping massage styles offered by the BestMassag EC-06. Retailing at just under $1,000 this is a fully featured massage chair worth investigating.

3) Human Touch iJoy 4 Massage Chair Review

The iJoy 4 is a uniquely styled massage chair which looks more like a large reclining beanbag rather than a traditional massage chair. You get 3 separate massage programs, an easy-to-use control panel and a cup holder included too. There’s also a removable pad if you find that the massage isn’t intense enough for you. Although it doesn’t have as many features as other massage chairs we’ve reviewed the guys at Human Touch definitely get a vote for keeping things simple and breaking the design mould here. Available in a variety of colors this massage chair retails for just under $800.

4) Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair Review

There are a couple of things worth mentioning about this chair and the first is the “body scan” technology, with the heating function following a close second. Body scan means that the chair can adjust itself to provide the exact massage you need, and the infrared heating function means you can enjoy some powerful heat therapy while you’re relaxing. There are 6 different massage functions for you to enjoy, including kneading, rolling, Shiatsu, vibrating and knocking, for example. The powered reclining function makes this chair very easy to use, regardless of what part of your body you’re setting the control panel to massage. At just over $1,800 the Forever Rest Premium massage chair represents great value for money.

5) Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair Review

Coming from Panasonic you know this is a massage chair which has been built to very exacting standards, and is also a popular choice with online shoppers too coincidentally. Panasonic has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing massage chairs and that really shines through with this one. You get to choose from 4 pre-set programs and 8 manual modes including Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, compression and it even has a “chiro” mode, to give you the kind of massage experience you won’t forget. This reclining chair has several leg massage functions via the “Air Ottoman” system, providing for a holistic massage experience. Panasonic have also done a great job in creating a fantastic looking chair with a black leather and brushed aluminum finish. Costing a little over $2,000 this is a fantastic massage chair for the price.


All that’s really left for you to decide now is what your total spending budget is, and which of the above chairs appeals to you most.

Enjoy your home massage experience folks!