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The 5 Best Laser Level Reviews of 2020

You must have faced this leveling problem while fixing a frame on the wall or building a small piece of furniture. Sometimes you need a professional help in order to do your work in a systematic and precise manner. Uneven shelves, misaligned nails and slanting base are simply a blunder. You always need a device that can help you to align things in a straight line either it is horizontal or vertical.

Laser level is a tool that can project bright light vertical and horizontal lines up to 30 to 100 feet. Traditionally a bubble laser method can be used but it cannot be used for long distances. Below are comparison of top 5 laser level of 2020.

What is the Best Laser Level?

ImageLaser LevelFeaturesRatingPrice
Bosch GLL 3-80 360 Degree Leveling and Alignment Laser LevelBosch GLL 3-80
  • Self-leveling
  • Battery-powered
  • W: 10.91 pounds
DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser LevelDEWALT DW089K
  • Self-leveling
  • Battery-powered
  • W: 1 pounds
PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser LevelPLS180
  • Self-leveling
  • Battery-powered
  • W: 3.94 pounds
Bosch GCL 25 Self-Leveling Laser LevelBosch GCL 25
  • Self-leveling
  • Battery-Powered
  • W: 6.68 pounds
Dewalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser LevelDEWALT DW088K
  • Self-leveling
  • Battery-Powered
  • W: 1 pounds

It is a control device and a true professional gadget which is used in construction and surveying. This electronic level and angle measurement inclinometer is used for positioning, layout, transfer of levels, marking, plumbing and level applications.

Whether you are a constructor, electrician, plumber or a simple home maker who loves to experiment with pictures on the wall, this laser level tool can get your work done immediately and effectively.

Types of Laser Levels

The use of laser levels started around 1970. There are different types of laser levels which differ in their cost and application.

Point shooter lasers

Point shooter lasers are the most simplified and oldest models. The working of this laser beam is based on the spirit and it shoots a laser dot. The line generator that it incorporates is flipped down in the front of beam.

Dot lasers

Dot lasers, the other type of the laser can be used both inside and outside. It projects level, square or plumb points. It is the best laser level for homeowner.

Line laser

Line laser, point-to-point level, uses multiple diodes and can shoot up to 65-100 feet both vertically and horizontally. It is perfectly designed for indoor use.

Rotary laser level

Rotary laser level, one of the best laser levels can project a rotating dot at an angle of 360 degrees. This laser level is perfect for outdoor use and is the most accurate and expensive level. These can be operated by a remote control and you can mount them on platform or tractor as per your requirement. Rotary laser level reviews elaborate how useful this tool is.

Tips to choose perfect laser level

An accurate tool is a must have before starting any work. Construction level is a handy tool that you may need at any time. Hanging mirrors or pictures on the wall and adding clocks or frames to your wall are such tasks that can be easily done with the help of a laser level. You should look for these three main features while buying a laser level.

  1. An ideal laser level must promise the accuracy up to the range of 20-30 feel at least.
  2. A pendulum style level works best because of its self-leveling mechanism.
  3. The laser level should have automatic out-of-level indicator. In most of the models it is indicated by a blinking light.

Apart from that you should know exactly what kind of laser level you want either line, cross line or rotary. Go with the popular brands like Bosch, DEWALT, PLS etc. It is very important to understand the limitations of the product. None other than customer reviews can help you in this. It is always better to go with 3-star reviews.

The 5 Best Laser Level Reviews

After hours of research, we have shortlisted some of the best and accurate laser level, which are best for home use and for commercials well. Let us see how these 5 top rated laser levels differ from each other:

1) Bosch GLL 3-80 360 Degree Leveling and Alignment Laser Level Review

Bosch GLL 3-80 360 Degree Leveling and Alignment Laser Level
Bosch GLL 3-80 360 Degree Leveling and Alignment Laser Level

One of the best laser levels of 2020, Bosch GLL 3-80 is a smart tool. It has electronic self-leveling and unique 90-degree horizontal and vertical bright red laser layout. This laser level is smart enough to tell you that 100% level of the surface. It has smart pendulum leveling system that sets it apart.

When, you turn-off the tool it is protected by Secure Transport Lock. The BM1 positioning device gives it a versatile and quick set up.

Ideal for long distance range and bright day light this ‘Pulse’ receiver model is quite competitive. Bosch GLL 3-80 has an in-built magnetic freestanding base. This magnetic free stand base helps it to stand without trouble on the metal base.

This compact and easy to handle product is extremely robust. The precise self-leveling is the most efficient feature of this product. It is very simplified to use and can be easily operated with a single button.

The 5 pound product can work up to 65 feet in the indoor range. It comes with the waterproof protection and liquid damage. Hence, this is the best laser level for outdoor use.

The product has no motor and does not rotate, it prevents the over usage of the battery. The shell life of the battery is around 30 hours. This product has the solution of both total level and alignment problems without even rotating.


  • This user-friendly product is made up of very high-quality material. This is such a solid product that it can be taken anywhere easily.
  • This is the only available product with 3 continues un-broken laser line.
  • The battery back-up of this product is really impressive. It uses three AA size batteries.


  • One has to un-mount the laser level from the tripod to change the batteries because battery chamber is located at its bottom.
  • The auto-off timer and the beep of the product does not work properly. It turns on and off automatically.

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2) DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser Level Review

DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser Level
DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser Level

The only laser level which can accurately determine the true orientation of the surface and display it, is DEWALT DW089K. It combines the working of two products with its three beams to improve productivity. There are three beam laser lights in this product which help in 90 degrees. Each beam is connected with a switch so that they can be turn on or off them individually. There are adjustable micro-knobs attached with the beams so that there is no need of moving the entire level to hit the target.

This laser level is equipped with 2 time brighter diode light. This diode light enables the level to work perfectly in well-lit area. IP54 rating of the product implies that it is highly-resistant to both water and dust. It has an in-built magnetic pivot which enables it to keep safely on metal surfaces. The control panel of this self leveling product is quite simple to use. It comes with the manufacturer warranty of 3 years.

This laser level works well in the range of 50 feet with an impressive accuracy of plus and minus 1/8 inches up to 30 feet. The solid product runs uninterrupted for 30 hours on 4 AA batteries.


  • This product is quite durable and resistant to rust scratches, corrosions and bending.
  • It is the most accurate laser level.
  • It has three main moving parts and hence plays the role of two devices.
  • The 2 times brighter diode red light is really impressive. This red light is quite visible in bright day time as well.


  • The two vertical lines of the level do not make perfect square after matching.
  • It is not cost effective.
  • The magnetic pivot does not work well. It requires an extra magnet to work properly.

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3) PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level Review

PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level
PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level

Have you ever wondered about which laser level has the longest length of fan and line in this industry? The answer is PLS180 from Pacific Laser Solution. This portable, fast and accurate tool weighs around 5 pounds. It self-levels at an angle of 6 degrees. This cross line laser level tool works best for acoustical ceilings, wallpapers, doors and windows.

It works within the range of plus or minus 200 feet with the accuracy of plus or minus 1/8 inch at 30 feet. This horizontal and vertical tool can mark visuals up to 50 feet in dark areas. The beam can work effectively up to the temperature of 122 Fahrenheit.

The laser of this tool is green colored and can pass through glass easily. 3 AA batteries are enough to keep it running for 35 hours. Change the battery when the light of the tool fades. The control panel of this tool indicates level, out-of-level and low battery.

This class II laser level works on unique optic technology. PLS180 are quick and are ready to use within seconds.  The product comes with a magnetic wall bracket, carrying bag and pouch. This is the best laser level of 2019.


  • It runs on standard AA size batteries. No charger or electricity is required to charge it.
  • The product is designed on the principle of pendulum and hence it can self-balance.
  • This light weight product works with higher accuracy.
  • It uses pulsed beams for exterior applications.
  • It uses magnetic dampening to higher level of accuracy.


  • It is not much reliable to use in outdoor surroundings because of its dim light.

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4) Bosch GCL 25 Self-Leveling Laser Level Review

Bosch GCL 25 Self-Leveling Laser Level
Bosch GCL 25 Self-Leveling Laser Level

One of the top rated laser levels, this level is extremely versatile. A perfect combination of cross line laser and five point laser, this product is ergonomically designed. It basically works in 4 modes: horizontal line, vertical line, 5-point and cross-line modes.

The tool self levels itself up to 4 degree Celsius in approximately 4 seconds because of its pendulum design. It indicates out-of-level condition and is an ultimate multi-use and versatile laser. It automatically locks when switched off as a precaution to keep it safe during transportation. The product comes with a positioning device, laser target, belt pouch, storage box and AA batteries. The product has different range in different modes: 15 feet in plumb range, 100 feet in horizontal range and 30 feet in vertical range. Its accuracy is within plus or minus 1/8 inch at 30 feet. The tool is compact, strong and comfortable to handle.

Known for greater accuracy and precision this measuring tool can make your hard work simpler.  This multi function tool works best for plumbers, electrician, plumber, framer, home maker or anyone. The 4 AA batteries keep it running for more than 25 hours. This compact tool weighs around 3.5 pounds. The tool is compatible with ¼ inch and 5/8 inch tripod stand.


  • The laser points of this tool are highly visible.
  • In this tool, lines can be locked in manual mode at any angle.
  • This 5 point laser level is IP54 marked which ensures water and dust proofing.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • The tool is quite heavy.
  • The laser lights of this tool are not much bright.
  • It does not have magnetic line attachment which is very important.

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5) Dewalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Review

Dewalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level
Dewalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level

When you need right angles, these horizontal and vertical crossing bright lines are too perfect for it. You need to fix tiles, cupboards or installation of plumbing or electrical system; this compact and light weight tool is no less than a savior.

This tool works with two bright beams which come with two individual switches. Beams can be shifted to horizontal or vertical plumb lines with the help of these switches as per your requirement. This durable and reliable tool weighs 8.2 pounds and comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years.

This self leveling product adjusts itself with measurement accuracy of 4 degrees in less than 4 seconds. The tool has magnetic pivot and walls which enables it to settle on magnetic surface. The tool shows low battery indication which is very important. It comes with a heavy duty carrying case which makes transportation of this tool easier. It also helps maintaining calibration while stored. The three AA batteries can keep the tool running for 40 hours.

The tool is tripod compatible and suits with ¼ inch tripod stand. It works effectively up to the range of 165 feet. DEWALT DW088K works with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 mm/m.


  • The product is backed up with three year manufacturer warranty and free one year service.
  • This is the best cross line laser level. This tool is a perfect value for money because of full time pulse mode and a compatible receiver.


  • The laser lines cannot be detected in the bright day light. One needs glasses or a receiver to identify these laser lines.
  • These laser lines cannot be manually locked.

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We hope these laser level reviews will help you to choose the tool that will perfectly suit your requirement. Laser levels with bright diodes prove more useful. Cross line laser levels can be the ultimate solution for every avid-DIYer.