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Best Embroidery Machine Reviews (Expert Guide) 2019

After writing a couple of embroidery machine reviews on this website, we feel the urge to put together a list that will compare each of these embroidery machines. We wanted to do a kind of comprehensive article that will contain the best embroidery machine from all the reviews we have written so that you can see everything in one place.

Sometimes, just reading reviews on embroidery machines might not be enough to help you make the final decision. You still need to look at certain things as well as how different machines compare in terms of price, features, performance and so on. Although, this requires that you spend extra time researching and reading articles such as this, it is actually going to pay huge results in the end.

The reason we created this article was to look at most of the popular embroidery machines and come up with the top five among them. What this means is that among these five, you should be able to spot one that fits your budget, have all the features that you want.

Top 5 Best Embroidery Machines

The following includes our top 5 embroidery machines. We carefully handpicked each one and put each one in our top 5 based on the features, quality of the machine and the overall performance. One thing we did was to make sure the price of the item is not put into consideration. This is because; the pricing can skew the overall ranking of a particular machine, which is why we only used the criteria we listed above.

1) Brother SE600 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine Review

This product is designed to enable you to carry out a diverse number of projects including large projects like quilting etc. With a bright backlit touch screen LCD display and uniquely built-in embroidery designs, it offers one of the most intuitive UI (User Interface) you can find on an embroidery machine. This is why it is praised by both the beginner as well as the experienced users. It is light in weight and built from solid materials that will allow it to stand the test of time and stay with you for long.

2) Brother PE800 5×7-inch Embroidery Machine Review

Unlike the other models on this list, this machine can be used by experienced users as a secondary machine. It is also suitable for a beginner who wants to concentrate on embroidery only. With quality materials and affordable pricing, this unit wins when it comes to performance and pricing.

It is easy to install, comes in stylish design and is one of the high-performance embroidery machines on The reason why we placed it fourth on our list is the complaints from customers. Some complaint that is not very suitable for the beginner and the image editing on the unit is not very straightforward.

3) Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review

The first machine on our list is the Brother PE535 embroidery machine, which is one of the highly rated and inexpensive embroidery machines in its category. It is designed for the beginner who wants a regular equipment to sharpen his sewing and embroidery skills. If you are an experienced user, you will be able to purchase this with just a couple of dollars and enjoy the various benefits it comes with.

This unit is easy to use and install. Even if you don’t have any experience with embroidery machines, it would be easy to get familiar with this unit as it offers many features that are essential for a beginner and complementary to the advanced users. The major downside of this unit is that it has a smaller embroidery area compared to the other units on this list. This is why it is cheap and purposely designed for a starter.

4) Brother PE550D 4×4 Embroidery Machine Review

This unit is suitable for beginners who are just starting out and don’t want any complicated features to wade through. As embroidery only machine, this unit will enable you to develop your embossing skills, as that is what you will focus solely upon.

This unit is very easy to use because it comes with a very detailed, simply written instruction manual. Although it is easy to use, the detailed manual makes it ideal for a starter to start embossing the right way. This is the reason why we feel it should be the second in our list.

5) SINGER Futura Quartet Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

When it comes to versatility and good performance, the Singer Futura xL-400 is one of the best performing embroideries and sewing machine on One thing that is unique about this machine is that it has a larger sewing area that enables you to carry out large projects without curtailing the ability to come up with nice embossing. It has a very bright LCD display that makes designing easy for both the beginner and the experienced user. This unit is rated low compared to the others on this list.

Factors to Consider in the Best Embroidery Machine

The more intuitive the features are on an embroidery machine, the easier it becomes to use it. However, this does not mean you have to purchase an embroidery machine that would cost you thousands of dollars. What is more important is that the machine has the right features and tools for it to be easy for you when it comes to time to use it.

Transferring Design

Most modern machines now have the capability to transfer designs from your computer to your machine. They also allow you to upload designs you downloaded from the internet into the machine. This makes the machine versatile and you are not limited to a small number of designs. With just a USB stick, most embroidery machines allow you to easily draw up a design on your computer and upload to the machine.

Rotation Features

A sewing and embroidery machine should have the capability of rotating designs in one-degree increment so that it will be quite easy for you to handle while sewing or embossing.  It becomes much more difficult and manual when you make use of a machine that does not have this feature.


Before you think about getting an embroidery or sewing machine, you have to first check all the features on the unit so that you will be able to decide if it will be easy to use or not. In one of our reviews, you will see that after we listed the features, we also listed the benefits you can derive from these features. We did this so that you can see whether it will be easy to use and if it conforms to your budget.


There are many different embroidery brands such as Brothers, Singular, Viking, Janome, etc. Each brand has a distinguishing feature that separates it from the rest. While some brands usually combine embroidery and sewing features in their machine, some prefer to design machines for each feature. Brother is a popular brand that has many of their products in embroidery only while they have some others as a combination of the two. Your present situation will determine which one you go with.


Most of the time, consumers complain about a product after they have bought it for no particular reason other than the price. The reason for this is not farfetched. When you buy a very expensive product and you discover that it does not fulfill your expectations, you would want to react by complaining, which you might have overlooked if you had bought a cheap product. This is why pricing is something you have to look at before buying an embroidery machine. Before you buy a product, ask yourself, is the price right? Will the performance of the product justify the price later on? Etc.


One of the factors that should influence your buying decision should be the feedbacks left by other users. Through the feedbacks by other users, you will be able to learn a thing or two about what you intend to buy. Most of the time, information revealed through feedbacks might not be available from the manufacturer of the product. In fact, reading several reviews online might still not reveal this information to you.

Sewing Area

There are two popular sewing areas, the 5” x 7” and the 4” x 4”. The 5 inch by 7-inch machines is typically designed for carrying out large embroidery projects while the 4 inch by 4 inches is generally designed to be used by beginners who are just getting their hands wet on embroidery designs. Another distinguishing feature is that the 4” x 4” embroidery machines are usually inexpensive while the 5” x 7” is usually more expensive. If you are just starting out and you feel you don’t need a very large sewing field, we recommend the 4” x 4”. However, if you are going to be doing projects like quilting, etc, in the future, we recommend the other.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best embroidery machines you will come across in the industry. Although, this is part of the embroidery machine reviews we post on this website, there are individual reviews dedicated to each product on this list.

Whether you are just starting out or you are already established with embroidery machines, you will surely find a machine that fits you. Even if you are low on budget, there are inexpensive embroidery machines with regular and satisfactory performance.

We recommend that you check out the individual reviews of each of the products in this list before making a decision. Doing this will allow you to check everything on the product and see if they fit your criteria. This list is just a summary of the benefits of buying each of the items on this list.